Steak tartar de ternera y tostas de pan de leña

El Bistró

El Bistro

Deloya Gastronomía is the vision of the chef and businessman Javier Loya over more than a decade, owner and Culinary of DirectorCreative and modern ‘cuisine’ by Javier Loya, one of the most prestigious chefs in Asturias. El Bistró provides a highly attractive format in a modern, fresh and relaxed restaurant to enjoy the best grilled cuisine with unique interpretations. Great wines in a great place to be.Located at the avant-garde hotel Ayre Oviedo, El BISTRÓ de Javier Loya offers a unique and different experience to taste creative and suggestive dishes at affordable prices. It can be enjoyed as a couple, with friends or during a break from your professional duties, even to continue with a meal your bussiness commitments.

Magnificent products from our seas and the very best cuts of meat are grilled in oir special ‘Josper oven’. Cantabrian Braised Hake with Hake Cheeks in a Pil-pil Sauce; Ribs cooked in two different ways: confit and grilled; Mexican chicken (pitu de caleya) ‘tacos’ with sauces, Marinated Salmon Tataki with Guacamole and Citrus; Beef Steak Tartar and Baking Bread… Let us surprise you.


MENU EXECUTIVE (21.50 euros)

(Includes starters, main dish, dessert and wine)

Lunch service from tuesday to friday


Winery no included


White Wine

Alba Martín (D.O. Rías Baixas)12,00 €

Fillaboa (D.O. Rías Baixas)18,00 €

Casal Novo (D.O. Valdeorras)14,00 €

Cuqueira (D.O. Ribeiro)13,00 €

Nivias Valle nº4 (D.O. Cangas)15,00 €

K5 Arguiñano (D.O. Guetariako Txacolina)19,00 €

Verdeal (D.O. Rueda)12,00 €

Duquesa de Valladolid (D.O. Rueda)12,00 €

Pago de Tharsys (D.O. Valencia)18,00 €

Pink Wine

Inurrieta Mediodía (D.O. Navarra)12,00 €

Enate Rosado (D.O. Somontano)14,00 €

Cavas and Champagne

Agustí Torelló Brut (D.O. Cava)17,00 €

Raventós De Nit Rosado (D.O. Cava)21,00 €

Pommery Brut (Champagne)39,00 €

Delamotte Blanc de Blancs (Champagne)45,00 €

Mumm René Lalou (Champagne)110,00 €

A Selection of Great Wines

Pagos Viejos de Artadi (D.O.C. Rioja)60,00 €

Sierra Cantabria Colección Privada (D.O.C. Rioja)45,00 €

Aalto (D.O. Ribera del Duero)44,00 €

Viña Sastre Pago de Santa Cruz (D.O. Ribera del Duero)55,00 €

Flor de Pingus (D.O. Ribera del Duero)95,00 €

Red Wine

Lan Gourmet (D.O.C. Rioja)12,00 €

Erre Punto (D.O.C. Rioja)18,00 €

Sela (D.O.C. Rioja)22,00 €

Barón de Ley (D.O.C. Rioja)18,00 €

Murua (D.O.C. Rioja)25,00 €

Linaje de Garsea (D.O. Ribera del Duero)18,00 €

Pago de los Capellanos (D.O. Ribera del Duero)29,00 €

Emilio Moro (D.O. Ribera del Duero)26,00 €

Abadía Retuerta S. Especial (V.T. Castilla)25,00 €

Petit Hipperia Vallegarcía (V.T. Castilla)18,00 €

A de Pago Ayles (D.O. Pago Ayles)17,00 €

Las Rocas de San Alejandro (D.O. Calatayud)17,00 €

Marboré (D.O. Somontano)24,00 €

El Regajal (D.O. Madrid)27,00 €

El Rincón (D.O. Madrid)28,00 €

El Vínculo (D.O. La Mancha)22,00 €

Caliza (D.O. Dominio de Valdepusa)16,00 €

La Plazuela (V.T. Castilla)39,00 €

Habla del Silencio (V.T. Extremadura)17,00 €

Lusía (V.T. Liébana)18,00 €

Pernales (D.O. Málaga)18,00 €

Casa de la Ermita Roble (D.O. Jumilla)12,00 €

International Wines

ALEMANIA. Muller Catoir Riesling (Palatinado)18,00 €

FRANCIA. Rollad-Maillet (St. Emilión Grand Cru)39,00 €

ARGENTINA. Finca la Linda Malbec (Salta)25,00 €

AUSTRALIA. The Little Pinguin Shiraz (South Eastern Australia)25,00 €

E.E.U.U. Stone Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley)22,00 €

PORTUGAL. Lello (Douro)22,00 €

ITALIA. Ca’Bianca Barberá (Piemonte)22,00 €


Prices taxes included

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